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Food Supplements & Nutrition

Antioxidants, Immune boosters, Amino acids, Sweeteners, Vitamins

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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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APPLE FIBRE M40 is a 100% natural, not chemically processed. Forms thermo-stable framework for products and increases resistance (durability). Health-promoting effect through dietary fiber.
COCOA FIBRE M20 is a 100% natural, not chemically processed. Low fat content (compared to cocoa powder). Natural binder (can reduce the use of stabilizers and emulsifiers). Replaces up to 100% cocoa powder in the final product cocoa powder flavor, cocoa powder color. Health-promoting effect through dietary fiber.

TREHA® trehalose is a multi-functional disaccharide with unique benefits for freshness, texture, and flavor/aroma in food and beverages. Trehalose is naturally occurring in many common foods, such as mushrooms, baker’s yeast and honey. As an ingredient, TREHA® has unique benefits across a wide range of applications, including bakery, snack, confection, meat and seafood, fruit and vegetable processing, and beverages.


In meat applications TREHA® can be used to:

> Increase moisture retention to deliver improved yield of finished product

> Prevents ice-crystal damage during freeze thaw cycles

> Salt reduction (enhances saltiness)

> Flavour enhancement


Baking applications can also benefit from the addition of TREHA®:

> Inhibits moisture migration in pastries

> Reduce starch retro-degradation (staleness)

> Prevents ice-crystal damage during freeze-thaw cycles

> Reduces browning in baked goods