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Food Supplements & Nutrition

Antioxidants, Immune boosters, Amino acids, Sweeteners, Vitamins

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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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LĒ-Pro Lac 466 is used as the carbohydrate in infant food products. The small particle size incorporates easily into chocolate confections to reduce sweetness by replacing sugar. It is a component in food products such as baking and prepared mixes. LĒ-Pro Lac 466 can also be used for flavor, color and consistency in other foods.
PERKASIL SM660 Precipitated Silica is flavorless and odorless synthetic amorphous silica appearing as a white free flowing powder. It has a function of anit-caking, freeflow and carrying agent for food/ feed. High surface area and high absorption capacity make this product effective. It enable homogeneous blending with more consistent and uniform fill weight, improve resistance to capping, lamination and sticking.
MERITOSE 200 is a white, odourless, crystalline powder with a sweet taste, that acts as a sweetener, bulking agent, cooling agent, diluent, filler flow promoter, and granulation aid. MERITOSE 200 offers great functionalities for your production, such as free-flowing powder, high sweetness, cooling effect, high osmolarity, blend homogeneity, and good flowability. MERITOSE 200 is perfect for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipients applications.
MALTODEXTIN (DE10-12) is derived naturally, a flavorless complex carbohydrate. MALTODEXTIN (DE10-12) has been commonly used as a food additive, as the function thickening agent and sweetener. MALTODEXTIN (DE10-12) offers a virtually tasteless and colorless characteristic making it an easy and inexpensive way to “bulk up” foods like oatmeal, salad dressings, and commercial sauces without affecting food flavors and colors. MALTODEXTIN (DE10-12) can be disperses easily in cold water while maintaining clarity and appearance. It also increases viscosity and prevents caking and crystallization in frozen foods such as ice cream.