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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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PRIMAVIE® PURIFIED SHILAJIT SNP is a Biome Optimized Shilajit™ and it sourced from Himalayan distinct biological ecosystems (biomes) and processed using Green Chemistry Principles (water extraction).


PRIMAVIE® PURIFIED SHILAJIT SNP is an adaptogen and immunity booster backed by clinical studies and thanks to its highest content of bioactives on the market (Urolithins A-B content >10% , >50% fulvic acid, > 40 microminerals, DBPs and DBP-Chromoproteins) promotes vitality, male sexual health, healthy aging energy, endurance and performance.

CROMINEX® 3+ is a unique-safe and effective trivalent chromium ingredient, backed by 6 clinical studies that has been shown to support healthy blood glucose level and lipid metabolism. CROMINEX® 3+ exerts a synergistic effect via a complexation of chromium chloride (2%) with the polyphenolic compounds of Phyllanthus emblica fruit extract (Capros®) and the fulvic acids of Purified Shilajit (PrimaVie®), that also improve its bioavailability and prevent conversion to hexavalent chromium.
PERKASIL SM660 Precipitated Silica is flavorless and odorless synthetic amorphous silica appearing as a white free flowing powder. It has a function of anit-caking, freeflow and carrying agent for food/ feed. High surface area and high absorption capacity make this product effective. It enable homogeneous blending with more consistent and uniform fill weight, improve resistance to capping, lamination and sticking.