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Food Supplements & Nutrition

Antioxidants, Immune boosters, Amino acids, Sweeteners, Vitamins

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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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​INTESSE STEVIA 2.0 is a one of the premium grades of stevia by Tate & Lyle which is a proprietary blend of steviol glycosides where there is a need for deeper sugar reductions with a clean sweet taste.
Lacprodan SP 8011 INS SF is a spray dried and agglomerated whey protein concentrate which can dissolve instantly in cold and warm water. It has a high nutritive value of nearly 80% protein and can be used in sports, nutritional beverages and premix kind of applications.
Nutrilac FO 7922 is a milk protein concentrate used for protein fortification of dairy and dairy based applications.It is heat stable and help in nutrient enrichment of various food and beverage products.