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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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POLYGUM CAROB PRO-TN is obtained from the ground germ from the seeds of Ceratonia siliqua. POLYGUM CAROB PRO-TN has a naturally high proportion of vegetable protein. Proteins from carob germ flour have similar properties to gluten (elasticity and viscosity). Polygum Carob Pro-TN can therefore be used in gluten- or wheat-free products as a partial substitute for gluten-free flour.
ALMOND PROTEIN POW. BLANCHED is a plant-based protein made from 100% almonds grown in California’s Central Valley. Almond protein powder contains 40-50% protein. The clean taste of Almond protein makes for perfect blending with other plant-based proteins and can form complete Amino Acid Profiles for optimal product development. Almond Protein powder is non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. Heralded as a superfood by consumers and benefiting from a well-deserved health-halo, almond protein powder can be used in various applications, such as beverage premixes, ready- to drink applications, bars, confectionary and bakery products.