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Food Supplements & Nutrition

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SUNTHIN® WD-35 / HYDROLYSED SUNFLOWER LECITHIN LIQUID (STANDARD COLOUR) is an enzymatically hydrolysed sunflower lecithin (also called Lysolecithin) imparts a high emulsifying capacity and excellent water dispersibility due to the higher polarity of the phospholipids. SUNTHIN® WD-35 / HYDROLYSED SUNFLOWER LECITHIN LIQUID (STANDARD COLOUR) is especially useful in o/w emulsions which they stabilize even when exposed to low pH-value, high salt concentration or pasteurization and sterilization processes like in marinades, dressings or reconstituted milk products.
SUNTHIN WD-65 Hydrolysed Sunflower Lecithin Liquid is produced from high quality Sunflower Seeds. The product does not contain any ingredient that has been produced from any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). SUNTHIN WD-65 does not contain any allergen therefore it is an allergen free ingredient and can be used in variety of applications without the need to mention allergen claim. This is an enzymatically modified product.
EMULSITHIN® PC-CAP is a pharmaceutical/food grade, dark amber Phosphatidylcholine (PC) enriched Soy Lecithin derived from the best quality Soybeans. Emulsithin® PC-CAP is ideal for lecithin encapsulation when enriched PC is required, to produce Alpha- GPC, carrier for drug delivery, etc.