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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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KH 30 01 [2,4,6 Tris(Dimethylaminomet hyl )Phenol] is a versatile curing agent for epoxy resins, both in its own right and also as an activator of other curing agent, including carboxylic acid anhydrides, amine adducts and polyamides. It is also the preferred curing agent for blends of liquid epox ide resin and liquid polysulphides.
Specialty Chemicals
YD-019 is an unmodified Bisphenol-A type solid Epoxy Resin designed for use in high performance, one-package baking finishes. Coatings based on the resin produce films with outstanding flexibility and adhesion as well as exceptional resistance to chemicals and solvents. Typical uses for YD-019 are process equipment coating enamels, collapsible tube coatings, can coating, PCM, metal furniture finishes, and wire enamels.
Specialty Chemicals
KEM-128-70 is a 70% solids content emulsion based on Bisphenol-A liquid Epoxy Resin. KEM-128-70 cured in combination with water dispersible hardeners, DOCURE KH-700 or KH-721, exhibits especially good adhesion to most substrates and has good physical properties as well as water and corrosion resistance.
Specialty Chemicals