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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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Indulin AT is a purified form of kraft pine lignin. It is completely free of all reducing sugars and is ideal for use in a wide range of polymeric applications where solid dispersants or adsorption properties are required.
Specialty Chemicals
REAX 260 is a high quality, dry powder sodium lignosulfonate product. It is manufactured in a sodium sulfite mill producing dissolving cellulose from a softwood feedstock. The raw material from the dissolving pulp process is fermented to greatly reduce the free sugars. Typical applications include: dispersants in textile dyestuffs and agrochemicals along with other industrial formulations.
Specialty Chemicals
INDULIN SBT-50 is a complex reaction product specifically formulated for CSS (cationic slow-set) emulsions. It is an easy-handling product that is readily dispersed in water. The product is a very versatile emulsifier suited for use in a wide variety of asphalt emulsion applications including tack coats, slurry seals, cold recycling, dense cold mixes and grave emulsion.
Specialty Chemicals