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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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HALOX 630 is a liquid organic corrosion inhibitor for solvent based protective coatings on metal surfaces. HALOX 630 may be used in solvent-solventborne clear or pigmented coatings.
Specialty Chemicals
HALOX XTAIN L44 is a very effective liquid tannin stain-blocking additive that provides high performance and good compatibility in most water based coating systems. Excellent tannin stain blocking properties can be achieved with HALOX XTAIN L-44 without the need for zinc oxide which is required to achieve performance by most tannin blocking polymers on the market today. Improved package stability and shelf life of the coating system will usually result.
Specialty Chemicals
HALOX 550 is a protection of water based and solvent based coatings: Examples: clear coats, direct-to-metal, latex primers, coatings, acrylic emulsions, water-dispersible alkyds, alkyd emulsions, polyesters, epoxy, urethane, and high gloss coatings.
Specialty Chemicals