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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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HB-151 is a hydrophobic fumed silca.Thixotropy and reinforcement in RTV silicone sealants, the hydrophobic feature gives RTV silicone sealants a long shelf life. Rheology control in adhesives, anti settling anti sagging and thixotropy control. Acts as a free flow aid and anti caking aid for powders.
Specialty Chemicals
HB-139 is an hydrophobic fumed silica.Good thickening and thixotropic property. Good anti-sagging properties and excellent stability in epoxy resin. Excellent reinforcing properties in silicone rubber especially at high filler loading levels, no crepe hardening on aging. Well suited for transparent systems.Free flow aid for waterproof material and powders.
Specialty Chemicals
HL-300 is an hydrophylic fumed silica.Reinforcing filler in elastomers. Anti-settling, anti-sagging and thickening agent. Rheology control and thixotropic agent. Free flow aid and anti-caking aid for powders.High tear resistance.
Specialty Chemicals