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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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A-C 9A is low density polyethylene (LDPE) homopolymer in a powdered form, for use in solvent borne coatings, heatset and liquid solvent borne inks, to improve surface properties such as rub, mar & abrasion resistance, by lowering the COF. It is also used as a gellant for hydrocarbon oils, a paraffin crystal nucleator in wax blends such as candles, and a viscosity diluent in HMAs. Can also be partially substituted for FT (Fisher Tropsch) Wax in adhesive applications without detracting from formulation properties. Best choice in cable filling compounds to prevent oil bleed at high temperatures. Is used as a dispersing agent in color masterbatch applications.
Specialty Chemicals
A-C 3325 is a hard, high drop point, high density, oxidized polyethylene (HDOxPEs) homopolymer powder (granule) for use in water borne coatings and inks, overprint varnishes, polishes and textiles to improve surface properties including mar and abrasion resistance by lowering the coefficient of friction. In textiles, this can help improve sewability and fabric cutting, extending cutting machine lifetime. Its acid number of 25 allows it to be emulsified into water. Can also provide heat resistance to hot melt adhesives (HMAs).
Specialty Chemicals