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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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LUNA-VIN VMCC/A-W-N17 is a medium molecular weight carboxyl functional terpolymer comprised of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and maleic acid.adhesion to vinyls, metals, concrete and cellulosic substrates Due to low molecular weight, this resin provides solutions with relatively low viscosities and high solids.
Specialty Chemicals
LUNA-VIN VAGH-W is widely used for coatings, maintenance coatings, marine paint, wood surface paint, paper coatings, metal decorative paint, container paint, aluminum plated film paint, PVC/steel adhesive and tape adhesive. Luna-vin VAGH-W is a hydroxyl modified Vinyl-chloride and vinyl acetate copolymer. It has good compatibility with alkyd resin, PU elastomer, epoxy polymer, melamine resin, and urea. It can improve coating properties, strengthen coating adhesion, hardness, flexibility, and chemical resistance. It can also provide crosslinking reaction for thermo-setting coating systems, to improve water resistance and chemical resistance.
Specialty Chemicals