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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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SERDAS DF 7010 is a liquid defoamer, economical in use, for universal waterborne applications. The product shows very good long-term efficiency.Its chemical description is a ultrafine dispersion of wax in mineral oil.
Specialty Chemicals
SERDAS DF GBR is an economical liquid defoamer with excellent stability, recommended for water-based systems, such as emulsions, emulsion paints and water dilutable resin formulations. Its chemical description is a composition of surface active agents. Silicone free.
Specialty Chemicals
SERDAS DF 7580 is a silicone free defoamer for waterborne systems. SERDAS DF 7580 is very easily emulsifiable in water. Its chemical description Mixture of PO/EO esters.
Specialty Chemicals