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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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RESISTHERM AI 244 L is a binder for the formulation of one-component baking coatings with outstanding resistance to heat and chemicals. RESISTHERM AI 244 L has been developed as a binder for the formulation of one-component baking coatings, preferably for spray application. Before baking drying for 5 minutes at 80 °C is recommended. Optimal film properties require baking for 4 – 6 minutes at 260 °C. Films produced in this manner are characterized by their hardness and extraordinary resistance to heat, boiling water, solvents and chemicals. The product is preferably used in can coating and general industrial coating applications.
Specialty Chemicals
G-5022 is a reactive Polyamide Resin which shows excellent adhesion, toughness, water and chemical resistance as a curing agent for epoxy coatings and adhesives. It is particularly designed for use in solventbased surface coatings.
Specialty Chemicals