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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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BECKOPOX EM 460/60IBX is an excellent adhesion to steel and nonferrous metals, high corrosion protection, best recoatability. With polyvinylbutyral for one- and two-component washprimers, weldable shop primers. BECKOPOX EM 460/60IBX is used preferably in combination with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) for the production of wash primers and finish coatings. The ratio of Beckopox EM 460 to PVB should be 1 : 3 to 2 : 1. Wash primers based on this binder combination can be produced both as one-pack and two-pack systems. The solids content of primers based on polyvinyl butyral can be greatly increased by the use of Beckopox EM 460. It also improves adhesion and corrosion protection, especially in wash primers with chromate-free pigmentation. Primers based on the combination of Beckopox EM 460 with PVB cause no complications when overcoated with paints based on alkyd resins drying by oxidation, PVC mixed polymers, nitrocellulose and isocyanate-crosslinking acrylic resins. Even in the case of stoving enamels they cause no discolouration of the topcoat. Two-pack epoxy paints should be tested from case to case. Weldable shop primers Beckopox EM 460 is also suitable for the manufacture of weldable shop primers. In this case the PVB component should predominate in the combination. The effect of these primers on pore formation in the weld is slight, as is the odour problem, since no formaldehyde is given off.
Specialty Chemicals
S-21 is a distilled base epoxy resin for use in formulating UV-curable cycloaliphatic epoxide coatings systems. S-21 contributes to primary film properties. S-21 has both carboxylate and epoxy groups, with the potential for fast cure. S-21 is widely used in industry for the preparation of inks, resins, coatings, and encapsulation.
Specialty Chemicals
BECKOPOX EH 623W/80WA is a hardener for water-reducible coatings on mineral and metallic substrates, hydryaulic epoxy mortars (ECC). BECKOPOX EH 623W/80WA is used in combination with the water emulsifiable liquid resins Beckopox EP 122w, EP 147w and other liquid resins such as Beckopox EP 140, EP 116 and the solid resin dispersions Beckopox EP 384w and EP 385w (preferably in combination with liquid EP-resins) to produce water-thinnable paints hardening at room temperature with good adhesion to all mineral substrates.Drying at elevated temperatures (> 60 °C) should be avoided. At such conditions traces of acrylonitrile will be released. If the hardener is diluted with water there may be stability problems at solid concentrations of less than 20 %, especially at storage temperatures above 35 °C. When pigments and fillers are being dispersed in the hardener, the temperature must not be allowed to rise above 40 °C. These paints retain a constant gloss irrespective of thinning ratio or the time between mixing and the end of the pot life. Beckopox EH 623w may be used in combination with Beckopox EP 128 as an additive for hydraulic mortars, the mechanical properties of the cured system being considerably enhanced by the additive.
Specialty Chemicals