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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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ADDITOL VXW 6206 is the leadfree and bariumfree combination drier. ADDITOL VXW 6206 produces in waterborne alkyd resin paints a good set-drying combined with an even through-drying. ADDITOL VXW 6206 contains a balanced metal combination which is for an optimum oxidative drying necessary.ADDITOL VXW 6206 may be added as siccative to all waterborne oxidatively drying alkyd resin paints. Especially suitable for externally emulsified alkyd resin emulsions.
Specialty Chemicals
ADDITOL XW 6555 meet legislation & regulation requirements and is a ready to use combination drier designed to have excellent compatibility and fast incorporation in all waterborne and solvent borne alkyd paints. The balanced non-hazardous metal combination results in very good through drying performances combined with good surface drying. ADDITOL XW 6555 can be used as drier for all water?dilutable, solvent borne and high solid oxidative drying alkyd resins. The innovative emulsification technology employed enables a labeling free use in high quality architectural and protective coating applications using alkyds.
Specialty Chemicals