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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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PHOTOMER 4035 is a monofunctional aromatic acrylate of low viscosity, moderate odour and good cure speed. Due to the monofunctional character of its backbone, it has been found useful as a flexibilizer and as an adhesion promoter. PHOTOMER 4035 is recommended for use in UV/EB curable screen, flexographic inks, clear coatings and lacquers.
Specialty Chemicals
PHOTOMER 4172 is a low odour aliphatic tetra functional acrylate of low viscosity and excellent crosslinking reactivity with very low levels of toluene.
Specialty Chemicals
PHOTOMER 4028 exhibits moderately low viscosity, low odour, excellent cure speed and low irritancy. It contributes towards good adhesion, scuff and abrasion resistance properties in UV and EB curable formulations.
Specialty Chemicals