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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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ADDITOL XL 109 prevents surface defects in oxidatively drying paints, like icing, wrinkling, shrinkage. Enhances through-drying, levelling and hardness. For paints on oil and alkyd resins. ADDITOL XL 109 is a specific antioxidizing agent for oxidizing paint systems and inhibits or retards the crosslinking reactions initiated by air oxygen in the surface of paint films. Thus ADDITOL XL 109 acts as antiskinning agent and impairs too quick drying of the surface. The paint films remain liquid for longer times and oxygen can contact the deeper layers of the films. Through drying is enhanced and becomes uniform over the whole layer of the film.Surface defects usually due to inuniform drying, like icing, wrinkling and shrinkage can be prevented. At the same time, gloss, levelling, and film hardness are enhanced.ADDITOL XL 109 remains active in the paint on prolonged storage in closed containers. Crystallization eventually occurring on storage at lower temperatures can be dissolved by gentle heating. We recommend to jointly use ADDITOL XL 109 and ADDITOL XL 297. Both additives are supplementary in effect giving superior performance in respect of antiskinning, drying and gloss.
Specialty Chemicals