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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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HALOX BW-100 is a white, nonrefractive, tannin stain inhibiting pigment used in protective coating systems. Specifically designed as a tannin stain inhibitor providing performance and compatibility in a variety of resin systems such as acrylic latexes, vinyl acrylic latexes, styrenated acrylic latexes and solvent based alkyds.
Specialty Chemicals
HALOX 430 is a non-toxic, heavy metal free anticorrosive pigment designed for use in water-borne and solvent-borne systems. HALOX 430 is based on a unique synergy between an ion scavenging and passivation mechanism. It is recommended for use protective coating in long-term applications where use of heavy metals, such as zinc, strontium, barium, molybdenum, and chromate, is of concern.
Specialty Chemicals