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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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SETAL 142 XX-60 is very fast drying, good elasticity and yellowing resistance (also at elevated temperature), good adhesion on steel. It is used as fast drying industrial topcoats. Fast drying corrosion resistant primers. General purpose stoving enamels.
Specialty Chemicals
VIALKYD VAF 6091 is a High Solids long oil alkyd resin for the production of High Solids primers, wood stains and top coats. A solid content of 90 % by weight is possible in white high gloss paints. Application properties are the same as with normal conventional alkyds. Applying paints based on VIALKYD VAF 6091 on primers usually need only one layer, which leads to additional reduction of solvent emission. For environmental reasons we suggest the use of lead-free driers, for example zircone.
Specialty Chemicals