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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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VIALKYD AY 402/50X is an extremely fast initial and through drying. Excellent recoatability at any time. Excellent adhesion to steel and aluminium. Superior protection against corrosion Excellent water resistance. Anticorrosive primers. Spraying fillers, knifing and spray putties. Air-drying and forced drying industrial and machinery paints. VIALKYD AY 402/50X is an air-drying acrylic modified phthalic resin with specific properties owing to additional modification with isocyantes. VIALKYD AY 402 is primarily used sole binder in the formulation of anticorrosive primers, and putties and for air drying and forced drying industrial enamels and machinery paints. Anticorrosive automobile primers Primers based on VIALKYD AY 402 show extremely rapid set and through drying, excellent recoatability at any time with VIALKYD AY 402 or other paints containing aggressive solvents. The compatibility with basic pigments affords formulation of zinc chromate primers and primer fillers with excellent perfomance, particularly in terms of superior corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and water resistance. It is also possible to formulate zinc chromate free primers on base of zinc phosphate.Spraying fillers and spraying putties VIALKYD AY 402, in spray putties and fillers, exhibits quick drying and thus quick sanding and excellent adhesion to steel and aluminium. VIALKYD AY 402 has excellent recoatability and gives very good surface without lifting. Industrial paints In the formulation of industrial and machinery paints, with adequate pigmentation VIALKYD AY 402 affords radiant gloss, extremely rapid drying, excellent adhesion to steel and non-ferrous metals. The paints can be forced-dried at 60 - 100 °C. With curing temperatures of from 60 °C upwards no driers are required.
Specialty Chemicals
VIALKYD AN 928/65MPAC is a medium reactivity, high hardness. Superior abrasion and impact resistance. Radiant brilliance. Two-pack polyurethane enamels for metal and wood. VIALKYD AN 928 is a branched hydroxyl functional polyester suitable as crosslinker for aliphatic and aromatic polyisocyanates. The components react at ambient temperature and give films with outstanding light fastness and gloss retention. The high reactivity affords crosslinking particularly with Desmodur N, Desmodur L and Desmodur HL grades. VIALKYD AN 928 can be used as sole binder in the formulation of clear and pigmented paints for coachworks and high rise panels affording excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals and water. The substrates can be wood, metal or plastic.
Specialty Chemicals
VIALKYD AS 6140sca/49SD60, directly after production, is supplied as a liquid pumpable urethane thixotropic alkyd, which can be used as sole binder or in combination with other alkyds for decorative paints and wood stains. After a while without stirring some thixotropy occurs which affects or inhibits pumpability (see Storage). Concerning gloss retention and weather resistance VIALKYD AS 6140sca/49SD60 shows better properties than polyamide thixotropic alkyds. The thixotropy of urethane thixotropic alkyds can be easier destroyed by stirring than that of polyamide thixotropic resins. Thixotropy can be activated and adjusted by adding a polar solvent, for example propylene glycol. In order to avoid cloudiness we recommend not to add more than four percent propylene glycol (calculated on resin solids). The activated and adjusted thixotropy will stay largely constant after ripening for one week longest. Recommended driers are cobalt (0.05 % metal, calculated on resin solids), zircon (0.15 % metal, calculated on resin solids), and calcium (0.1 % metal, calculated on resin solids). To avoid skinning we recommend the addition of about 1.5 % ADDITOL XL 297 (calculated on resin solids).
Specialty Chemicals