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Specialty Chemicals

Innovative specialty chemicals for industrial applications

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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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SETALUX 1182 SS-55 is in combination with aliphatic poly-isocyanates: excellent adhesion on metals such as aluminium, steel, zinc plated steel, stainless steel, excellent mechanical properties , good outdoor durability and quick drying. It is used as industrial lacquers with excellent elasticity and adhesion on difficult substrates. Lacquers with good adhesion on a number of plastic substrates.
Specialty Chemicals
VIACRYL SC 341/60SNABAC has a superior radiance, high surface hardness, excellent weather resistance. Medium solid acrylic resin for uni-coloured automobile finishes and isocyanate systems. With light stabilizers for clear coats over metallic basecoats. Easy and safe application. Viacryl SC 341 is used in combination with amino resins, preferably with reactive melamine resins. Polyurethane based thickness layer coatings can be formulated in combination with aliphatic polyisocyanates (e.g. Desmodur N). Stoving paints Suitable crosslinkers for Viacryl SC 341 in the first place are butylated melamine resins in a resin solids ratio of from 70 : 30 to 80 : 20. Spray application of paints on Viacryl SC 341 is excellent. Even when applied in thick layer, there is only a slight tendency to saging on vertical surfaces and to blistering or popping during stoving. The paints may also be rendered thicotropic with silicates, without the gloss being reduced. Film properties. Film of paints on Viacryl SC 341 have a superior decorative performance, like radiant brilliance, excellent levelling and very good build besides great hardness and gasoline resistance. Weathering tests in Florida showed very finishes.
Specialty Chemicals