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Specialty Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals

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VYLON 630 is a high molecular weight copolyester with low Tg. VYLON 630 has excellent flexibility and good general adhesion strength. VYLON 630 is recommended for adhesion on PET, PVC, metals, coil and can coatings. VYKIB 630 is compliant with FDA 175.105 (only for non alcoholic food and beverage).
Specialty Chemicals
VYLON GK-888 is a high molecular weight copolyester, with high Tg. VYLON GK-888 has an excellent chemical resistance due to its high Tg. VYLON GK-888 is suitable for can and coil coatings. VYLON GK-888 is compliant with FDA 175.105 and EC 10/2011
Specialty Chemicals