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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Magnesium Hydroxide pastes USP Type M - 31.0% varying in assay and viscosity to meet customer formulation needs. Selecting the right grade of magnesium paste allows the formulator to make a high-quality antacid at a competitive price.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Barcroft™ Magnesium Hydroxide is precipitated from seawater. It is pure and free of contaminants typical of chemically derived magnesium products. LVM magnesium paste is recommended for extra strength products where a suspending agent is employed. Magnesium hydroxide paste is the product of choice for liquid antacids and saline laxatives (MOM). • pasteurized to assure quality • produced under cGMP conditions • broad range of viscosities to meet production and market requirements • produces creamy finished product • low lead product meets USA’s California Proposition 65 standards
Pharmaceutical Ingredients