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Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Innovative pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical synthesis and formulation

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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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MYVEROL 18-92K is a distilled monoglyceride derived from sunflower oil with an iodine value of 105-115 and minimum 90 percent monoglyceride. Myverol 18-92 is bioavailable (digested in the body). Myverol is usually mixed with therapeutic agents, for instance, for treating an early stage periodontal disease it can be done with a mixture of Myverol and tetracycline.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Magnesium Hydroxide pastes USP Type M - 31.0% varying in assay and viscosity to meet customer formulation needs. Selecting the right grade of magnesium paste allows the formulator to make a high-quality antacid at a competitive price.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
MYVEROL 18-99K is a emulsifier rich in monoglycerols prepared from canola oil, containing 90 percent monoglycerides and iodide value from about 90- 95. Myverol 18-99 is bioavailable. Other examples of applications are as aerating agent and shelf-life extender in items such as shortenings. Defoaming agent, butter stabilizer, aeration and water absorption in creme fillings.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients