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Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Innovative pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical synthesis and formulation

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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Sheffcoat PVA Green 5Y02151 is a coating covering a tablet, used to mask the taste, make it easier to swallow, or protect the active medication inside. A tablet coating is applied to make the tablet smoother and easier to swallow. A tablet coating colors and protects the tablet and mask a bad taste.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
LIPOXOL 300 In film coatings, solid grades of polyethylene glycol can be used alone for the film-coating of tablets or can be useful as hydrophilic polishing materials. Solid grades are also widely used as plasticizers in conjunction with film-forming polymers. The presence of polyethylene glycols in film coats, especially of liquid grades, tends to increase their water permeability and may reduce protection against low pH in enteric-coating films. Polyethylene glycols are useful as plasticizers in microencapsulated products to avoid rupture of the coating film when the microcapsules are compressed into tablets.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients