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Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Innovative pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical synthesis and formulation

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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Magnesium Stearate Eur.Phar or Octadecanoic Acid is a solid, white powder at room temperature. It is a FDA-approved inactive ingredient commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a diluent for the manufacture of tablet, capsule, and powder dosage forms.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
PALMAC 98-18 is stearic acid is used as an emulsifying agent, solubilizing agent, tablet and capsule lubricant in pharmaceutical dosage forms,. Stearic Acid 98% Min, also known as N-Octadecanoic acid (C18H36O2) is a saturated, wax-like, fatty acid commonly used in the production of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. It is made by extraction from animal or vegetable fats and oils.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients