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Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Innovative pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical synthesis and formulation

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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Barcroft ™ Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Visco-9 has a fine and narrow particle size distribution resulting in a pleasant mouthfeel. Viscous pastes yield thick and creamy formulations without the need for additional thickeners or suspending agents. Viscous aluminium hydroxide products are typically used in regular strength antacid suspensions. The products provide the appropriate thickness without requiring the use of gums or suspending agents. These gels can be dumped from drums with suitable equipment or pumped from the drum with specially designed pumps.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Mannogem Mannitol Powder is an excellent tablet diluent/ filler for use in wet granulation and lyophilization. It dries rapidly, resulting in shorter processing time and increased productivity. Mannitol is also a good excipient for hot melt extrusion applications. It melts without decomposition at a temperature of approximately 165° C. Its rapid recrystallization upon cooling make it an attractive carrier to improve solubility of poorly soluble APIs.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Magaldrate (Al5Mg10(OH)31(SO4)2,xH20) is a basic aluminium and magnesium compound possessing a layer structure connected by water and sulphate bridges. It is crystalline by nature. This unique crystal lattice structure results in its high reactivity. The antacid effectiveness of magaldrate can be used to treat peptic ulcers because it neutralizes gastric acid very quickly while buffering the pH (keeping it between 5 and 6) even in the presence of proteins and pepsin.
Pharmaceutical Ingredients