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Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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PERFORM® STERILE ALC IPA is fast, effective and residue free. It is Sterile (γ-irradiated) and microbial filtrated (0.2 μm) which makes it suitable for cleanrooms grade A/B, ISO class 5/6. It comes in ready to use in handy, sterile 500 ml and 1L spray system optional with WFI (Water for Injection) also it is colour and perfume free. Efficacy tested according to European norms (EN)
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
PERFORM® CLASSIC CONCENTRATE GA-DG is foam-free and effective and has excellent material compatibility. It is residue free rinsing suitable for equipment disinfection (e.g. for CIP equipment). Efficacy tested according to European Norms (EN)
Pharmaceutical Ingredients