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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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HYDRASYNOL DOI from Sytheon, is a lipophilic smart skin hydrator. It works by stimulating endogenous hydration network based on skin’s need for hydration; The beneficial effects on the skin can be explained by the up-regulation of AQP3, CD44 (hyaluronic acid receptor) and tight junction genes, decrease of which is associated with a defective osmotic equilibrium in the epidermis and dryness of chronically aged and photo-aged skin; Excellent solubilizer for hydrohphobic compounds, like avobenzone, benzophenone-3, hexylresorcinol; Helps boost self-tanning effect in glow products; Effectiveness of the product & its synergism with glycerol proven by multiple clinical studies; Ecocert & Cosmos Natural.
Personal Care Ingredients
ASYNTRA SL is a synergistic blend of Synovea® HR (Hexylresorcinol) and Synovea® EL (Ethyl Linoleate) and Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Asyntra SL is an elegant, easy-to-use a skin lightening blend. Ethyl Linoleate is a very good solubilizer for HR and is a stable form of Linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid, a precursor of ceramides and a major component of skin lipids. It is clinically proven to lighten UV-induced skin pigmentation by accelerating post-translational proteolytic degradation of tyrosinase
Personal Care Ingredients
SYNOXYL HSS ia an excellent photostabiliser for Avobenzone. The photostabilizing effect of SYNOXYL HSS arises from triplet-state energy transfer from avobenzone to Synoxyl® HSS and through light-induced reactions that preserve the main chromophores. It provides in-vivo SPF boosting by 50% for both organic and inorganic sunscreens when alone it has no contribution to SPF. It protects skin by inhibiting up-stream ROS cascade. Easy to use in sunscreen sprays & oils Use of Avobenzone, HMS, OS with Synoxyl® HSS provides cost-effective, broad spectrum high SPF 50+ (critical wavelength of well over 370 nm) sunscreens. Easy to make Octocrylene & Oxybenzone free sunscreens.
Personal Care Ingredients