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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Borealg TG is an enriched fraction of phycocarotenoids and phycolipids, extracted from the leathery kelp of Laminaria Hyperborea. It is used as an anti-aging marine ingredient, targeting both skin and hair, through its activities on a new aging marker, Leptin.
Personal Care Ingredients
Glacier Thermal Water is a unique warm water coming from the heart of Alps Mountains. The source is located in a protected and majestic environment. It originated from the waters drops fallen from the sky and the melting of alpine glaciers infiltrated through the rocks. It is particularly rich in calcium and magnesium.
Personal Care Ingredients
Immediate lifting and double anti-pollution shield from starry red algae Tensor effect after 15 minutes application. Moisturizing and water storage. Physical and chemical barrier against pollutants. Protection against inflammaging. Slow release matrix for other active ingredients.
Personal Care Ingredients