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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Olivatis 15C is a water and oil soluble emollient produced by the transesterification process, which replaces olive oil with PEG-8, making oil available in water systems. It is a mild surfactant without impacting foam and viscosity. It also provides moisturization.
Personal Care Ingredients
Olivatis 12C is a non-ionic liquid W/O emulsifier based on natural esters. It is suitable for hot and cold process, with excellent skin feel and high water resistance. PEG-FREE
Personal Care Ingredients
Olivatis 21 is a non-ionic liquid O/W emulsifier based on natural esters and polyethylene glycol. It is suitable for cold process. It gives emulsions with low viscosity, light texture and moisturizing properties. HLB 10-11 pH 4,5-8
Personal Care Ingredients