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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Plascize L-6330U is an alcoholic solution, neutralized with AMP. It is designed for ultra hard, dry finishing and long lasting hair styling products. The film formed by L-6330U is less hygroscopic and always keeps hair non-tacky under high humidity and high temperature conditions.
Personal Care Ingredients
PLASCIZE L-301 are acrylic oligomers , very low molecular weight. They are clear yellowish viscous alcoholic solution and don’t form film , Oily liquid polymers even after dried (100% solid). Difference between PLASCIZE L-222 and L-301 is the solubility in water , L-222 has hydrophilic and L-301 has hydrophobic.
Personal Care Ingredients
Colour pastes of PLASCIZE L-53 BLACK F, PLASCIZE L-53 BROWN EU and PLASCIZE L-53 UMBER EU are pre-blended colour pastes that were designed for temporary hair colour sprays. With their flexible and adhesive films, sprays made out of these products would stay in hair well even under the humid environment and brings out the colours well. In addition, these products can be easily washed off with any kinds of soap or shampoo with warm water. The general characteristics of all three products are as followed.
Personal Care Ingredients