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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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T-SOL D50 (SE) offers a smooth and light feeling using the ultrafine TiO2, which has high transparency and is good at blocking UV rays. T-sol D50 (SE) is the D5 free Titanium Dioxide dispersion designed for optimum ability in blocking UV rays by the even dispersion of plant-derived skin-friendly ester oils.
Personal Care Ingredients
SPF ENHANCER is an optimal ratio of extraction between Eugenia Caryophyllus and Solidago virgaurea, that is grown in the pure volcanic island of Ulleung Island, South Korea. Offers SPF Boosting and skin protection from harmful UV rays
Personal Care Ingredients
Z-SOL M60 (PS) is an EG-free ZnO dispersion liquid designed for the best UV rays block effect by uniformly dispersing Hydrogen Dimethicone treated Ultrafine ZnO with high transparency and good UV rays block effect in dispersion medium without PEG-based dispersant.
Personal Care Ingredients