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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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DS-PHYTOSPHINGOSINE is a white to off-white powder with a characteristic odor. Phytosphingosine is used not only for skin and optimization of skin flora but also for restoration of damaged skin barrier. We found that, especially, it was effective on control of acne bacterium and S. aureus. In addition, it has been known to stimulates de novo synthesis of glucosylceramide, which helps restoring the damaged or aged skin structure. It also strengthens the skin structure.
Personal Care Ingredients
DS-CERAMIDE AP is a skin identical ceramide, produced by a yeast fermentation process, that strengthens the skin barrier function resulting in the retention of moisture content. This leads to mild and healthy skin desquamation. DS-Ceramide AP prevents the deposition and penetration of pollutants on skin.
Personal Care Ingredients
DS-SPLM is the ideal way of treating acne would be that can control all three of the main causes of Acne development: Sebum, comedogensis and Acne bacteria. In addition. shows potent pore contraction effect. Active Content: Phytosphingosine ≥ 5.00% and Lecithin ≥ 10.00%
Personal Care Ingredients