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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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RHEOSOLVE™ D5S is an effective dispersing agent. It prevents soil and mineral redeposition, shows good chlorine compatibility and insure good anti-precipitating properties. Use in domestic and industrial dishwashing, liquid laundry ormulations, all-purpose cleaners, tablets, disinfectants. It contributes to the granting of Ecolabels: non hazardous, non toxic and non pollutant.
Personal Care Ingredients
RHEOSTYL™ 90 N is a highly efficient thickener that produces unique crystal clear formulas. It thickens instantly after neutralization and produces attractive textures with smooth honey-like flow. RHEOSTYL™ 90 N is perfectly adapted for challenging surfactant systems such as sulfate-free.
Personal Care Ingredients
RHEOSTYL™ UP is a rheology modifier dedicated to skin care, sun care and color cosmetics applications. It is a highly efficient suspending agent to stabilize oil in water emulsions and suspend mineral particles, pigments or capsules in fluid formulations.
Personal Care Ingredients