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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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GBLOCK DT 200 CCT is a fine and stable dispersion of UV grade titanium dioxide in cosmetic oils at high % of active. It can be incorporated easily with the conventional equipments into any personal care products to provide the sun protection benefit.
Personal Care Ingredients
SENSOGEL 200 is a novel rheology additive for the water phase of cosmetic products, and is consisted of a hydrophobic modified associative polymer, oil, emulsifiers, glycerin, and water. Through the hydrophobic association, the pendant hydrophobic groups of the associative polymer enhances its thickening power, its O/W emulsion stabilization ability, its own product stability, its synergy with other thickeners, and its electrolyte resistance. At the same time, it offers a fresh, soft, non-sticky elegant sensory at pick-up, rub-in, and after-application.
Personal Care Ingredients