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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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DS-CERIX 5 is a skin physiological lipid complex with optimized ratio of skin lipid composition, barrier repair, skim moisturization, anti-wrinkle effect. Easy to use.
Personal Care Ingredients
BELSIL® ADM22 is an oil-in-water micro-emulsion of an amodimethicone fluid of medium amine content, containing a nonionic surfactant pair. Due to the chemical structure of the aminofunctional active ingredient and the emulsifier system, BELSIL® ADM 22 has excellent affinity as a conditioner for hair care application.
Personal Care Ingredients
BELSIL® ADM6102E is a highly efficient conditioning aid providing a natural, silk touch to Caucasian and Asian hair at low concentration levels. It also contributes to reduce triboelectric charging.
Personal Care Ingredients