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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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STEPAN-MILD GCC is an ester providing thickening, foam enhancing and solubilizing properties. It can be formulated in shampoos, body washes, liquid soaps, facial cleansers and skin creams and lotions. It is mild, PEG and EO/PO free and nitrogen free and can be incorporated into a cold mix formulation. This product also meets the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Program's surfactant screen for use in non-TSCA applications and is listed on www.cleangredients.org.
Personal Care Ingredients
RHEOSTYL™ E CREAM is a polymeric emulsifier associating the benefits of traditional emulsifiers with the benefits of polymers: Powerful emulsification, smooth texture and unique sensorial signature. Versatily, easy process and water resistance.
Personal Care Ingredients
BELSIL® SPG 128 VP is the silicone polyglucoside contained in this solution is a nonionic surfactant with an HLB of approximately 6-7. This silicone polymer is synthesized using a renewable, sugar-based component.
Personal Care Ingredients