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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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STEPAN-MILD BSB is anionic/nonionic/cationic/amphoteric blend providing improved mildness without sacrificing performance attributes. It can be formulated into baby liquid cleansing products as well as adult products where sensitive skin is involved.
Personal Care Ingredients
TEGO® PEARL N 300 is a highly concentrated and fine-particled dispersion of ethylene glycol distearate in an aqueous surfactant solution, especially suitable to give skin and hair cleansing products a brilliant fine pearlizing effect.Preserved with sodium benzoate.
Personal Care Ingredients
STEPAN-MILD PCL is a mild, sulfate-free, anionic surfactant blend that generates high foam with good viscosity building characteristics. It can be formulated into shampoo, facial cleanser, body wash, bubble bath and liquid hand soap.
Personal Care Ingredients