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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Innovative W/O emulsifier, palm oil free, obtained by the trans-esterification of glycerol and sorbitol with fatty acids derived from Linseed oil, using the M.O.R.E. technique (Sinerga’s patented technology). It’s a fluid and versatile ingredient suitable for cold emulsifying process.
Personal Care Ingredients
100% Vegetable non-ionic emulsifier obtained by the combination of polyglyceryl derivative of fatty acids from rice bran oil, cetearyl alcohol and a sugar derivative. It forms particularly light and soft O/W emulsions that are pleasantly velvety to the touch. Thanks to its characteristics, SUPREME is the key element for sensorial properties and vegetable origin. It offer outstanding emulsifying properties and it is compatible with high % of lipidic phase, up to 35%. Soft emulsions with high spreadability and no white effect.
Personal Care Ingredients
PROLIX®RB is a combination of a special polyglyceryl derivative of fatty acids from rice bran oil neutralized with arginine, specially balanced to offer outstanding emulsifying properties in harmony with the nature (100% vegetable origin). This emulsifier is obtained by M.O.R.E. technique (Microwave Oven Reaction Enhancement) forming particularly fresh and light O/W emulsions, with velvet touch and enriched with the eudermic functional properties of rice bran oil.
Personal Care Ingredients