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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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DS-HYDROCERAMIDE 50 is a white to pale yellowish powder with a characteristic odor. With an active ingredient of N-Oleoyl-phytosphingosine, it is ideal for use in skin conditioning applications.
Personal Care Ingredients
DS SPHINGOMYELIN M is a white to off white powder from milk with a characteristic odor. Sphingomyelin is one of the major components of the cell membrane. Under the stimulus of outside environment, sphingomyelin is degraded to ceramide. DS-Sphingomyelin-M protects skin from dryness and helps to maintain skin barrier homeostasis. Also, DS-Sphingomyelin-M is useful as a liposome stabilizer by increasing rigidity of liposome.
Personal Care Ingredients
FERMENTED YEAST FILTRATE (I) is skin Conditioning (Moisturization, Skin Elasticity, Abundant Minerals). Fermented yeast solution is very rich in essential minerals (K, P, Mg, Ca), amino acids, beta-glucans and vitamins. Restores the appearance of the skin texture, suppleness and vitality. Whitening and wrinkle repair activity. Fermented yeast filtrate may have DNA damage protection effect against UV Light
Personal Care Ingredients