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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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TEGO® CARBOMER 140 acts as an excellent emulsion stabilizer. It is especially recommended for high viscous emulsions and for the preparation of clear water or alcohol based gel.
Personal Care Ingredients
ASHLAND 940 CARBOMER by Ashland Specialty Chemical acts as an emulsifying, conditioning, foaming, gelling, rheology modifier and suspension agent. It is a cross-linked polymer of acrylic acid. It is anionic in nature & acidic in unneutralized state and has to be neutralized with an appropriate base to achieve their thickening ability. Exhibits pseudoplastic rheological behavior. It aids spreadability on skin of oil-in-water emulsions.
Personal Care Ingredients
Polygel CA is a synthetic polymer, benzene free, well known and widely used in the cosmetic industry as thickener and suspending agent thanks to its safety and versatility.
Personal Care Ingredients