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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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ASH CAPTIVATES HC0005 encapsulate by by Ashland Specialty Chemical acts as an encapsulated agent. It is made-up of a complex coacervate based on naturally derived polymers and contains a variety of lipophilic cosmetic ingredients. It is biodegradable and its core material is a blend of natural oil, synthetic oil and oil-soluble active. It provides exciting visual impact, dynamic color release, novel delivery method and controlled fragrance delivery. It isolates & stabilizes incompatible ingredients and provides texture & sensory signals.
Personal Care Ingredients
NEOMATRIX biofunctional by Ashland Specialty Chemical acts as an anti-wrinkle, healing and regenerating active. It is a pentapeptide inspired by stratifin signaling proteins, an epidermal biomessenger that functions on an intercellular basis to support skin's own dermal remodelling and repair functions. It goes beyond the traditional approach, which is merely to boost the synthesis of proteins in the dermis without considering that skin can accumulate aged and/or defective proteins leading to less functional cells.
Personal Care Ingredients
Silkelide is the result of a research study on a multi active ingredient for cosmetic application: a chemical polymer used in ophthalmology surgery (Poloxamer 338 (and) PPG51/SMDI Copolymer). The tests performed, show that Silkelide can increase the SPF, in a sun protection formula, from about 30 to 70 %, depending on the formulation, the percentage of Silkelide and the type of emulsifier used. It is able also to form a light, elastic and silky film which protect skin from pollution, giving a very nice touch to the finish product. Used at a correct percentage, Silkelide is able to thick liquid emulsion, increasing the viscosity up to a fluid/creamy consistency, stabilizing the emulsion and acting like a co-emulsifier.
Personal Care Ingredients