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Personal Care Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for personal care and home care

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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Lentimyrt HF is coming from Myrtle and Lentisk, two Mediterranean plants, treated with a unique technology to reinforce the phytocomplex of the plant. It is able to promote the barrier function working at different levels on the skin. LentiMyrt HF rises the skin defences by increasing its antioxidant capacity. It promotes a positive modulation of skin microbiota and improves the hydrolipidic film increasing moisturization and sebometry.
Personal Care Ingredients
Aloferm HF is a new generation of Aloe Vera extracts, five times more effective than the standard aloe in skin hydration. Obtained by fermentation process , that boosts the Aloe vera phytocomplex, it increases keratinocytes metabolism and stimulates the wound healing process promoting collagen synthesis. Many studies show the short-term and long-term hair and skin moisturizing properties. It provides a comfort feeling ideal for pain and burn relief.
Personal Care Ingredients
Cannabiot is a hemp derived produced from seeds treated with Biolequefaction Technology. It is able to recover the biodiversity of skin microbiota after an irritation. Cannabiot moisturizes the skin and reduces TEWL. It can also remarkably increase skin elasticity.
Personal Care Ingredients