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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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BARIUM SULFATE HG-LFP FLAKE SHAPED is a clear white platy powder that is the most suitable material for cosmetic use. It garantees long lasting of clear whiteness even after being wetted with the perspiration and a very low coefficient value of kinematics friction which gives smooth touch on the skin.
Personal Care Ingredients
MATMARINE BLUE INGREDIENT BI050 is a biotechnological ingredient that decreases melanocortin-5 receptor, sebocytes differentiation and lipid storage, as well as the induced damage due to oxidative streess and inflammation. It improves the overall appearance of combination and oily skin and helps minimize visible pores.
Personal Care Ingredients
The purifying and pore minimizer "marine jewel" for skin radiance. Pearl AlgaTM is an enriched fraction of metabolites and phlorotannins coming from the brown seaweed: Sargassum muticum. This unique and beautiful alga is composed of millions of micro-pearls. Its originality comes from the production of these specific substances with astrigent, antibacterial and antifungal properties to protect from biofouling.
Personal Care Ingredients