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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Trealix is an active ingredient composed of a balanced combination of a natural disaccharide (Trehalose) and a vegetable protein. Its structure mimics the composition of Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), increases cutaneous plumpness and fosters the recovery of dry, reddened and sensitive skin.Trealix is a hydrating and soothing active ingredient with high performing properties.
Personal Care Ingredients
Active ingredient based on enzymatically hydrolyzed pea proteins from European Pisum Sativum. It is characterized by the presence of fractions of hydrolyzed proteins having different molecular weights, which are able to work in synergy to achieve a complete protective and moisturizing activity improving skin firmness and elasticity. Thanks to their ability to restore skin integrity and increase its water content, pea proteins improve the tone of the skin by performing a lifting and anti-aging effect.
Personal Care Ingredients
TRI-SOLVE® P with vegetal source(Phytosterols), a skin barrier recovery agent obtained by a vehiculation technology that allows to form extremely stable structures to better deliver its active compounds. TRI-SOLVE® P restores skin barrer reducing the TEWS and increases hydration.
Personal Care Ingredients