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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Elastin PG 2000 is a natural hydrophilic mixture of low molecular weight elastin (min 3,2%), desamidocollagen (0,1-0,6%), mucopolysaccharides and triglycerides. It has a water binding capacity, adding moisturizing properties. It protects hair against surfactants and is a conditioning agent. Elastin PG 200 reduces swelling by alkali during perm and dying treatment hair.
Personal Care Ingredients
Beracare ARS Hair system is a complex of Acaí, Passion fruit and Rice oil, rich in flavonoids, gamma-oryzanol and omega 6. It forms a protective film on the hair and gives hair revitalization and gloss.
Personal Care Ingredients
AQ-Save Bio Cosmos is a hydrogenated natural extract of chestnut. Thanks to its phytocomplex molecules, it can interact with hair surface. It can repair damaged hair by closing hair cuticles and moisturizing it.
Personal Care Ingredients