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Personal Care Ingredients
Personal Care Ingredients

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Sisterna SP70-C is a non-ionic co-emulsifier and emulsifier, composed of 70% stearate and 30% palmitate. It contains 70% of mono-esters. It can create low viscosity emulsions with liquid crystals formation and achieve gel to milk emulsions. It's cold-processable. It improves skin smooth feeling. HLB 15
Personal Care Ingredients
Sisterna SP10-C is a non-ionic co-emulsionant, composed of 70% stearate and 30% palmitate. It contains 68% of higher esters. It has good pigment dispersion properties and skin feel modifier. It's ideal for anhydrous systems HLB 2
Personal Care Ingredients
Sisterna L70-C is a non-ionic liquid surfactant, composed of 70% mono-esters. With a mild cleansing system, it improves smoothness feeling on the skin and avoids irritation produced by surfactants. It has selective anti-microbial activity. It can create transparent systems and it is cold-processable. HLB 15
Personal Care Ingredients