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Food & Beverage Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for the food and beverage industry

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Food & Beverage Ingredients
Food & Beverage Ingredients

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HAMULSION AWE considered as a stabiliser system for direct acidified heat-treated milk drink, standardised to provide a constant stabilising effect in finished products.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
X-PAND'R® STARCH is a modified acid treated starch which is used in snack applications majorly. It acts as a good texturant by giving crunchiness to the product.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
FRUCTOPURE 500 is crystalline fructose. FRUCTOPURE 500 is producing from non-GMO cereal raw material, by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch, followed by purification, concentration, crystallization and drying. FRUCTOPURE 500 is a white powder with a clean sweet taste and bland odour. FRUCTOPURE 500 meets the requirements of Ph. Eur., USP, Food Chemical Codex and Codex Alimentarius for Fructose.
Food & Beverage Ingredients