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Food & Beverage Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for the food and beverage industry

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Food & Beverage Ingredients
Food & Beverage Ingredients

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Lallemand Bio-Ingredients Bio-Lyfe™ 537 A is an organic yeast extract produced by controlled enzymatic solubilisation of primary grown yeast of the genus Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It contains higher amounts of nucleotides 5’ GMP and 5’ IMP.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Florapan® aromatic yeasts are yeasts strains which have been selected for their sensory characteris-tics. They are used with, or in place of conventional baker’s yeast to produce baked goods with unique flavors. They are well suited for a preferment step or extended proof time to enhance the aroma that carries over to the finished product after baking.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients LBI 2130 is primary grown yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain) that has been deactivated by heat, roller dried and ground. The result is a tan colored powder with nutty roasted flavor notes. LBI 2130 is naturally high in B vitamins and contains high quality proteins.
Food & Beverage Ingredients