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Food & Beverage Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for the food and beverage industry

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Food & Beverage Ingredients
Food & Beverage Ingredients

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SYLOID® 244 FP Food Additive and Pharmaceutical Excipient is a fine-sized, high pore volume silica gel with a large internal surface area. SYLOID® 244 FP strong affinity for moisture along with its ease of incorporation can effectively contribute to the processability, stability and shelf life of products in many pharmaceutical and food applications. It can be used as a multifunctional additive, with excellent compatible with active ingredients and can keep powders dry and free flowing. It is highly adsorptive as carrier for liquids and actives, up to 1.6 ml of a liquid per gram and is superior in comparison to other inactive excipients for improving oral formulations especially of moisture-sensitive pharmaceutical active ingredients.
Food & Beverage Ingredients