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Food & Beverage Ingredients

Innovative ingredients for the food and beverage industry

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Food & Beverage Ingredients
Food & Beverage Ingredients

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CRISPY FRIED ONIONS (SG) PALM OIL is rough cut onions crispy fried in fully segregated sustainable oil, RSPO certified. The product is cooled before packing and appears to be light to dark brown subject to crop variation. The product is packed in a 18kg carton.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
CROUTONS 13MM GARLIC & HERB SALAD is pre-dried cubes of bread coated in non-hydrogenated palm oil (from a certified segregated sustainable source), and seasoned with garlic and herb seasoning. The cut size is around 13x13x13mm and are packed in 8kg per carton. The product is golden in colour with visual herbs and has characteristic taste of garlic and herb with a savoury aroma.
Food & Beverage Ingredients
ONION BHAJI FLAVOUR SPRINKLES HOSO is pre-dried bread pieces coated in sunflower oil and blended with an Indian curry style flavour seasoning, dried onion and coriander. Snippets come into pale brown colour with cream coloured onions and green coriander. Product package is 15kg per carton.
Food & Beverage Ingredients